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ARAMIS stereo camera strain and displacement measurement system next to an extensometer

Strains and Displacements

Our integrated stereo-camera systems provide ultimate ease-of-use to measure strains and displacements with a variety of materials.

Engineer working in the ARAMIS Digital Image Correlation software

Digital Image Correlation Software

With software solutions for every budget and need, we are able to provide the right tools for the job with a streamlined workflow and efficient data handling strategy.

Group of mechanical and software engineers being trained on how to use the non-contact DIC software

Non-Contact Measurement Services

We offer specialized testing services and develop custom test methods using our optical measuring systems. We team up with small and big companies alike.




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People learning how use the ARAMIS Optical Strain software

A Race for Dryer Weather

Our team in Seattle came across a "scorpion" that was displaced from his home!

Luckily, ARAMIS Optical Strain Gage had no problem measuring its displacements. Using an ARAMIS 12M Adjustable system in "fast mode" at 3 Mpx at 100 Hz, we captured the displacement and the six degrees of freedom (6-DoF) as Mr. Scorpion scurried across the table.

The acquisition of the data was done with spray paint, target markers, and the ARAMIS 3D Digital Image Correlation Optical Strain Gage. We sent Mr. Scorpion in the right direction for home, and, in only a couple of minutes, ARAMIS captured incredible data at a much faster rate than foil strain gages.

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