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FEA, Simulation Validation

DIC is the most valuable addition to any Universal Testing System


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Our systems and software support the optimization of FEA validation. Improvement of simulation tools and processes builds-up long-term knowledge for further projects and results in faster time-to-market.

  • Comparison of simulation with real measuring results (strain, movement, buckling, etc.)
  • Determination of material properties as input for realistic simulation
  • Mesh optimization for finite element analysis including CAD converter
  • Numerical simulation verification



FEA Validation for tool and die health monitoring

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ARGUS Finite Element Modeling Analysis data on sheet metal

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Our ARAMIS 3D platform is extremely reliable and was designed with material testing in mind. It's rigid fixed camera base offer unparalleled calibration stability and ease-of-use.  

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ARAMIS 3D Fixed base system

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