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Tensile, Compression, CLC, Bending, Concrete, Composite, D3039 Testing

DIC is the most valuable addition to any Universal Testing System


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Optical metrology analyzes the mechanical properties and behavior of all kinds of materials in various test scenarios. GOM's ARAMIS systems can be integrated into existing test environments, test benches, and testing machines. The non-contact sensors measure full-field 3D strain and deformation of soft and rigid materials under mechanical or thermal load. Thus conventional extensometers and strain gauges can easily be replaced by GOM's real-time 3D surface deformation analysis systems.


Knowledge of material properties is important

  • In product design, for wall thickness and reinforcements, etc.

  • To fulfill all requirements regarding product safety and reliability

  • To provide long-term benefits by gaining know-how for future projects

  • To provide essential information for calculating realistic models in simulation processes and virtual test programs

Common parameters measured

  • Young’s modulus

  • Poisson ratio

  • Rp 0.2%

  • Rm, Ag

  • R-Value

  • N-Value



Automated Material Properties

The ARAMIS system, mounted on a material testing machine, offers the ability to quickly calculate all material properties according to common ASTM and ISO standards.

The ARAMIS Kiosk Mode offers a simplified interface for test machines operators to easily collect and analyze the data according to common standards. This automated process reduces test lead time and operator variability.

ARAMIS system uses DIC to conduct measurements on a tensile test coupon

Product highlight

Our ARAMIS 3D platform is extremely reliable and was designed with material testing in mind. It's rigid fixed camera base offer unparalleled calibration stability and ease-of-use.  

Discover the ARAMIS 3D system

ARAMIS 3D Fixed base system

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