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Device, Human Factors, Battery, Thermal, Drop, Apparel, Fit & Comfort Testing

ARAMIS is the most valuable instrument for product development


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Device drop-test

Examine the structural integrity and reliability of your product. Verify your drop conditions (angle of impact and velocity) and measure the localized motion of your assemblies during the drop.


Product Design Validation

Establish objective evidence that your product specifications conform with the design, user needs and intended usage by measuring and understanding how your prototypes actually perform in real life. 


Human Factors

Product development doesn't have to be all based on hypotheses and sketches. Safe, comfortable, and effective human-centric designs are possible when measuring real usage and user needs. Recreate the entire test environment virtually and analyze the real behavior of your customers with full-field optical measurements using an ARAMIS system.


Thermal testing

Using ARAMIS with a thermal chamber is not only simple but provides real-time, optical, non-contact thermal expansion measurements for parts ranging in size from a few millimeters to a few feet. Calibrating through the window is easy, and you can then run your test as usual through various temperature profiles.


Vibration Analysis

Application note

ODS on car hood

ODS Analysis

Application note


ARAMIS with Thermal Chamber

This fully integrated solution for oven measurements provides accurate results on many applications, such as fatigue caused by thermal cycling. Our Trilion Oven is internally illuminated to allow the ARAMIS cameras to see through the oven’s factory custom-designed windows to the test part held by a special specimen holder. Our simple software provides full-field and temporal processing to reduce noise at higher temperatures and precision measurements at low temperatures.

Trilion's thermal chamber using ARAMIS DIC to test the deformation on a part under extreme heat

Product highlight

Our ARAMIS SRX platform is extremely reliable and was designed with material testing in mind. It's rigid fixed camera base offer unparalleled calibration stability and ease-of-use.  

Discover the ARAMIS SRX system

ARAMIS SRX 300 digital image correlation measurement system

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