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ARAMIS: An Innovative 3D Testing Ecosystem


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ARAMIS for Education

Complete Materials and Components Testing Package for Teaching and Training

"ARAMIS for Education" is a complete package for theoretical and practical teaching at vocational schools, higher education institutions, and universities. The educational package from GOM includes industrial hardware and software for 3D scanning and inspection applications as well as ready-to-use laboratory tests and lecture material with detailed background information. Moreover, we provide an efficient Digital Image Correlation software for students, practical training for trainers, and professional support provided by experienced engineers.

ARAMIS CORE for Education

Vibration Analysis

Application note

ODS on car hood

ODS Analysis

Application note


Laboratory Tests & Lecture Material

Introduction into materials and components testing based on fully elaborated laboratory tests for practical training (measuring object included). In addition to laboratory tests, the package provides relevant lecture material with background information.

3D Component Testing, Point-based Measurement

This exercise focuses on component testing. Instead of transducers, reference markers are used to determine the 3D deformation of a component under load. Furthermore, the exercise serves for scrutinizing the understanding of engineering mechanics and for analyzing the behavior of a measured component.

3D Component testing, Surface-based Measurement

Strain analysis that are often carried out with strain gauges for endurance tests or for comparing simulation models (FEM) can be practiced in laboratory tests in the form of a surface-based component test on 3D surfaces. In this context, a complex plastic component is analyzed under load, and critical strain areas are determined.

Specialist Fields & Subjects of Study

GOM’s optical measuring systems are increasingly integrated into curricula at universities and higher education institutions. ARAMIS has proven to be a reliable and efficient system for materials and components testing.
Material sciences & engineering
Mechanical engineering
Automotive engineering & mechatronic
Finite-Element Modelling
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Our ARAMIS 12M Adjustable platform offers the most flexible, reliable and precise configuration for DIC work in a research environment. It's sliding camera mounts offer unparalleled stability and ease-of-use to fine-tup the camera positions.  

Discover the ARAMIS 12M system

ARAMIS adjustable system

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