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You can leverage our expertise at any stage of your product development. We can assist before, during, and after your testing. If you need flexibility and quick implementation or deployment of our technologies, we have a team of Applications Engineers and a pool of equipment dedicated to our engineering services.

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Before your test campaign

  • Develop test methodologies
  • Define test scope and schedule
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Establish experiment technical requirements


During your test campaign

  • Test article preparation
  • Methodology validation
  • On-site data acquisition
  • Integration with test methods
  • Preliminary data review


After your test

  • On-site data analysis
  • Off-site data analysis
  • Test campaign report preparation
  • Data review
  • Data export


We Also Offer

System rental

If you don't have the budget for a system or only need to use our system for a one-time application. Renting one of our systems is the perfect option for you! Renting gives you the flexibility to always have the perfected system for your specific test.

aramis systems


If you need more purchasing flexibility, we have long-term rental programs which let you apply the entirety of every payment to the purchase balance. Ask your Technical Account Manager about our rent-to-own program. 

RVAT system in uses

Laser etching

Core to Industry 4.0 Formability, laser etching provides a safe, environmentally clean, more accurate ARGUS pattern on any material. The laser etching reduces labor efforts for this difficult job. The system will etch any size blank and is mobile for ease of use, as needed at any stamping or die facility. This system is designed specifically to meet your stamping requirements and improve the formability process with this integrated system, making the ARGUS system a more powerful tool for your operations, increasing formability accuracy, allowing for advanced light-weighting designs. To be more successfully implemented!

Trilion Laser Etcher
Any university that is not teaching DIC is in the dark ages.
Dr. Michael Mello
CalTech (California Institute of Technology)
If you invest the time, money and hardware then you need to do the other 10% and be around people with the seat time and be in the atmosphere where you can draw from the experiences of the seasoned user.
John Steelman
Honda Aircraft
The ARAMIS data, as full-field image data, is intuitively understood. Image data is an ideal format for humans to understand. We analyze the ARAMIS results, and there are no arguments about the data, like we had with strain gauges; it is intuitively obvious what is occurring to our structures.
Dr. Paul Gradl
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
"You acquired an ARAMIS system for composite buckling studies, what are you using it for now?" He responded, "Everything"
Ron Salminko

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