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Trilion Engineering Services is the perfect solution for solving complicated applications and/or developing methods for critical measurements, providing precision data. We provide experienced engineers, with industry-specific experience in aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, civil, power, biomechanics, and consumer products.

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Material Testing Services


Utilize ARAMIS to see localized deformations and get material properties by syncing the full-field strain data with a load frame, following most ASTM and ISO standards. 

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Tensile Test with ARAMIS Optical Testing System

Shear Testing

Achieve high-resolution and true non-contact measurements with ARAMIS to get shearing properties of materials.

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Shear Testing Data

Bend Testing

Incorporate ARAMIS in a 3-point or 4-point test to get full-field strain data and pinpoint areas of peak strain.

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3-Pt Bending Test

Bulge Testing

Use ARAMIS to measure the strain field and calculate the biaxial yield curve according to ISO 16808.

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Bulge Testing Data

Forming Limit Curve

Using  ARAMIS in a Nakajima test to determine the Forming Limit Curve of a material in accordance with ISO 12004. Combine this with ARGUS to have a complete formability package for the entire sheet metal operation.

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Forming Limit Curve Chart

Fracture Mechanics

Use high-speed cameras and an automated script in ARAMIS to track the crack tip formation during material failure.

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Measuring Fracture Mechanics using DIC

High-Speed Testing

Implement high-speed cameras to measure 3D deformations and strains for high-speed events such as crash testing, ballistic testing, split-Hopkinson bar, impact testing, etc.

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Using DIC to Measure Glass Shattering

Thermography/Thermal Expansion

Raise the quality of your measurement by integrating a thermal camera with an ARAMIS system to map temperature data onto your part. Subtract thermal strains to see purely mechanical strains during loading events.

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Thermal Chamber Testing

Stand Out Material Testing Services

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ARAMIS DIC system making strain measurments on tensile
Automated Material Testing Video

We Also Offer

System rental

If you don't have the budget for a system or only need to use our system for a one-time application. Renting one of our systems is the perfect option for you! Renting gives you the flexibility to always have the perfected system for your specific test.



If you need more purchasing flexibility, we have long-term rental programs which let you apply the entirety of every payment to the purchase balance. Ask your Technical Account Manager about our rent-to-own program. 

Learn More about ARAMIS

Comparison of two ARAMIS 3D digital image correlation systems
"Any university that is not teaching DIC is in the dark ages."
Quote from Professor at an Institute of Technology
Dr. Michael Mello
CalTech (California Institute of Technology)
"If you invest the time, money, and hardware then you need to do the other 10% and be around people with the seat time and be in the atmosphere where you can draw from the experiences of the seasoned user."
Testimonial from an executive an an aircraft company
John Steelman
Honda Aircraft
"The full-field ARAMIS Optical Strain data is intuitively understood. We now analyze the full-field data, and there are no arguments about the results. It is intuitively obvious what is occurring to our structures."
NASA Marshall discussing how valuable ARAMIS is to his work and his team
Dr. Paul Gradl
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
"You acquired an ARAMIS system for composite buckling studies, what are you using it for now?" He responded, "Everything"
Boeing Aircraft employee discusses the benefits of ARAMIS
Ron Salminko

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