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RVAT Kiosk

A Manufacturing Revolution


Next-Generation Product Testing And Development

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across a dozen industries.

Photo of an Auto part being tested with DIC

Tool-less assembly

No need to design, build and store physical tools

Digital Drilling

Each hole to be drilled is tracked to precise CAD dimensions, even on complex 3D parts, with Smart Tools. Blind holes can be drilled precisely, relative to reference structures, in true vehicle coordinates.

RVAT real-time tracking and positioning of a drill in six degrees of freedom
RVAT Kiosk for PONTOS Live

Build directly from CAD

60% faster than traditional hard tooling

QA (quality assurance) built-in

Precise positioning of components in 6-DoF (degrees of freedom)

Documenting as-built for your Digital-Twin

Engineer uses GOM touch probe feature for the Pontos Live system to capture the digital image of a complex bottle

Digital Twin

The Digital Thread records the As-Built details, QA, and testing to complete the Digital Twin and store it on the RVAT Server for easy access and searchability.

Real Time Virtual Assembly Tool Digital Twin Measurement Data of a complex Part

CoolScan Layup NDE

Voids, bridging and FOD can be detected before curing with our InSitu NDE during the layup to significantly improve product quality, ensuring high grade parts every time, and documenting these QA digital-threads for part validation.

CoolScan Layup NDE data shows a real-time void in a part

InSitu AFP Layup NDE

Lap/gap, twist, porosity, voids and FOD can be detected in real-time with our InSitu NDE to detect problems during the AFP layup. There they can be immediately corrected to improve product quality and efficiency while reducing waste.

InSitu AFP Layup NDE data shows the real-time robot guidance


RVAT SmartTools allow the 3D optical tracking of standard or custom tools for precise positioning in true 3D CAD coordinates, in six degrees of freedom.

RVAT drill smart tool being tracked to its exact location and for displacement in six degrees of freedom


Inaccuracies develop with the more degrees of freedom a robot has, from its head motion to the addition of linear tracks, etc. RVAT Robotrac tracks the true robot head position in real-time, directly relative to the part/tool 3D CAD/Scan.
Mechanical engineer setting up RVAT in order to RoboTrack in real-time
Three Trilion engineers working with the Real-Time Virtual Assembly Tool software, scanner, smart tool, and testing subject
RVAT live data helping with real time positioning of a part


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