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Non-destructive computed tomography volume inspection


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DIC data on car part

Inspect the invisible in one go

Reliable & Compact

Surprisingly compact, the Metrotom 1's dimensions are 1750 mm (W) x 1820 mm (H) x 870 mm (D) and fits into any metrology lab. Carry out in-house measurements and quality assurance without external measuring services.

Mechanical engineer uses a Zeiss Metrotom on a small testing part

Precise measurements

Measure and evaluate complete parts. This allows you to perform accurate nominal/actual comparisons, dimensional checks, and wall thickness analysis with the confidence that you can rely on your measurements.

Engineer Inspecting part after it was scanned with the GOM CT

Fast Return-on-Investment

In addition to low acquisition costs, the cost of ownership is also kept to a minimum thanks to the low-maintenance system and since the Metrotom 1 tube does not need to be maintained when in operation.

Two electrical engineers analyzing the GOM CT data in the inspect software
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Technical Specifications


X-ray source

160 kV

X-ray detector

2.5 k

Measuring volume

165 x 140 mm

Metrology specification (MPE SD)

< 5 μm


1750 mm (W) x 1820 mm (H) x 870 mm (D)


2100 kg


GOM Volume Inspect


Fields of application

Non-destructive inspection, simultaneous scanning of several workpieces.

Inspection features

Measurements of internal and external structures, inspections of internal defects e.g. shrinkage holes.


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